Saturday, October 22, 2011

A day at Cross Out Cancer

Today was by far the best day I have had. Only 15 days in and I am healing everyday. I feel very manageable with the pain and can now tell when I'm over doing it! My pain level rides at about a 2-3. I have swelling and some sharp shooting pain, it's all very ok now! The biggest thing is the exhaustion but everyday I have a little more energy. Last night was the very first night I've slept all night since my seizure!!! Let me just tell you that it is a joy to just over do it a little! Sounds weird I know but I am positive that the hardest part is sitting on my duff and feeling like a bump on a log, while so many other people help me and my family.

Yesterday we got a quick call from Channel 2 News about hearing Bryson's sister Melissa and Matt putting on the fundraiser UTCX Cross Out Cancer. Who knew that this would hit so close to home and be a huge part of my life! None of us did. Luckily I had a shower and a lil makeup on. We were in Park City enjoying the gorgeous fall leaves (aka Bryson tries to get me out of the house everyday, thanks babe!) The news called us and ran up to PC. We did a quick interview with my family then Bryson and myself interviewed separately. We encouraged everyone to get out and supportUTCX CROS OUT CANCER helping Huntsman Cancer Institute and Live Strong. Also our amazing friend Billy did a quick interview to help with Cross Out Cancer and basically be the local hero/Nordic Combined Gold Medalist (he is the best, Skyler LOVED him for reals for ever!) I've got to say that I was of course happy to help the event and to get the word out but man it is not so kind to be swollen and way to close to my face on tv! Who knew that I ever cared about my appearance!

This morning Bryson ran over early to the Event to help then he came back to get me and the kids. We spent the afternoon at Wheeler farm at Cross Out Cancer. It was an AMAZING event! I was so happy to be there, to be outside and feel even 40% normal. All of my kids rode the ride. Myles crushed the strider bike category! The kid just kept going and going. He only needed to do 1 lap, he did at least 5 laps probably 6! He won for sure but who's counting (oh ya me!) He definitely had the eye of the tiger, he has wanted to win for a long time! Taylor and Skyler both raced the 8 and over race. It was a jumble of kids total chaos! Taylor started out ahead but Skyler quickly used her skills and risk and passed Taylor And luckily didn't hit any 2 yr olds. They both rocked and "unofficially" Skyler was in about 5th place and Taylor was in 6th place. They love to race and I love to watch them fly! SO MUCH FUN! Then Bryson got to race. Just this made me so happy! Bryson has been so amazing through this experience and I'm so happy that we are moving back to normal life. I knew how great Bryson was a long long time ago, but we have grown so much closer through this trial and he truly is the man of my dreams! Bryson raced great had a lil bike seat problem. He ended up in 6th place which considering everything we and he have been through we will take it. So here is to lots and lots of more cross races for Bryson!

The event did thrash me of course. But it was so nice to be outside, chat with great friends, WATCH MY KIDS and love life! I am so blessed in so many ways. I can only imagine how great I will feel in another 7 days!

Again thank you for all the love and help (broken record broken record.) But I just have to thank everyone for the love and help. Every message helps and touches my heart! Every note and gift give me a little burst of sunshine! I truly feel like one of the luckiest girls in the world! Oh life it is a wild ride but man is it good!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's all good...

This morning Bryson woke me up at 9 am usually he knows that won't roll since I'm only sleeping 1-2 hours a night but this morning was very special. He was on the phone with Dr. Jensen and he had the final official pathology report of the tumor. It is 100% benign!!!! CAN"T YOU JUST HEAR ME SCREAMING FOR JOY!!! Bryson and I gave one another a big relief kiss during the call. The exact pathology is a very detailed long word that I don't have right now, he is emailing me. But the tumor is benign and completely removed. I will not need any further treatment. Seriously this is a huge relief and such a great gift, I am truly blessed!!!

I am going to wing off my seizure medication and steroids, In the next 5 days I should be medication FREE! Which hopefully gets rid of the metallic taste in my mouth and the nausea. Then once I am able to feel better I will have the ability to DRIVE! YES DRIVE! It may be another week or two but that is amazing!!! The light is there and man it is mighty BRIGHT! I follow up at the beginning of November just to see Dr. Jensen, check the incision and further update my health. Then I will have a yearly MRI to search for tumors. I am so relieved to be here in this place. And so blessed to be safe and to once again be nearing the road to health. The interesting thing will be if my migraines help or not? It's funny because it could be just one more miracle? I'll just have to wait and see! I still feel swelling, tingling, and pain but it is not unmanageable. The pain is more sporadic?

Everyday I do feel improvement and I can only imagine how great I could feel if I slept even 4-6 hours. I'm quite tired and mostly going crazy since I do nothing but I am excited to move forward and get every lil step closer to health. I am happy to report I now have the energy to bath my kids and sometimes help with homework. Seriously even laundry is going to at least make me contribute, so that's cool too (never thought I would say that!)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Just hollering a good old hello...

Everyday is slowly but surly getting better. I know why dr's do not tell you how long, hard and painful the long process is. Because I would have never ever signed up for it. That being said my pain is manageable and I am only on tylenol and ib profen, plus the original meds: keppra (seizure meds) and dexamethasone (steriod). I decided today to get off everything else, so all the yucky stomach and bowel meds are gone (sorry if it's tmi but that's my new life! ha ha!) I still have quite a bit of nausea and that is mainly what keeps me awake at night and during the day. But I am grateful to see daily improvement. It's been 9 days! Who knew 9 days could last so LONG! Not I! I feel like I should be up and jumping and that is so far from the truth. Seriously I could have given birth at least 3 times easier! I am sure part of it was the initial seizure really took all my independence away and then I had to wait for the surgery. So it was a long 3 weeks even before the surgery. I feel like I am getting STUPIDER by the second, I can't wait until the day when I no longer watch TV and even just reading a book which would be so amazing but it is way to strenuous on my brain.

We went to Huntsman Neuroscience and had my staples removed this morning. Not only did I wear jeans (heck yes!) but I felt a little normal for a little bit. Luckily Bryson took video!/summerhallperry so if you want to see it's on face book. It was not to bad just a couple of pokes. Bring it on! They continue to say that the incision looks great! Which I am grateful for! And the swelling is continuing to go down!

This has been a very challenging gift! I have had to rely on so many people and it has been such a huge adjustment to simply let Bryson, family, and friends take on all the grunt work. Let me promise you how grateful I will be for the simple things. Driving myself and others... HEAVEN! Running to the grocery store....AMAZING! And I'm not sure I can even dare to dream but going to the gym....STARGAZED! Yes I am sure I will never be the same. I am truly grateful for the blessing of discovering this tumor (2 tumors) and having kept my family safe and protected. I am grateful that all looks well and that I have been guided and protected throughout the whole process. I have been blessed so fully and have been encompassed by the Lord through out the whole path. Thank you to everyone for the notes, messages, help, love, food, kids... the list is endless. And I dare not even name names because there are SO MANY PEOPLE helping us! OUR CUPS RUNNETH OVER! K so do something for me... GO AND SQUEEZE THE ONES YOU LOVE AND KNOW THAT THEY ARE EVERYTHING!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Last night was good (yippie!!!)

This has been quite the little rough dirt road, don't get me wrong I love a hilly dusty path but some times I'm ready for a green meadow.

Last night was relatively good. My pain level is living at about a 5, which is good. I am trying to wing off the oxycodone and am trying to get off of the narcotics. Since I have stayed in about the same pain level with the narcotics I think it's safe to say I'll be off it soon. Which is such a relief because I feel crazy, and my stomach is so upset (all smells are horrible, and food is poison! Lovely I know!) Last night I was able to sleep about 5 hours and then sleep again this morning for another 4 hours, this is a big deal :) I am starting to feel the incision which is good because it is so much less pressure then the swelling on the brain. I feel the staples, tingling, and swelling. Next week I get the staples removed and I'm sure they should help with some of the pain also. My face swelling is going down and the exterior of my head is also getting less swollen.

So that's the big update, pretty lame but I feel like I am turning the corner and feeling slowly but surly better. I can not wait until I have the energy and hope to leave the house and even enjoy the outdoors, soon enough!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hey guys it's me :)

K so I am sort of awake so hopefully this post makes sense! I have had severe pain since the surgery. The pain scale has never dropped below a 5 and is currently living at about an 8-9 pain level. So needless to say I have had a hard time. Seriously I have never had pain like this. Yesterday I was begging to return back to Huntsman Hospital. We have all been working very hard to help with the exact right meds. And the steroids are helping the most, so we have just doubled the steroid so hopefully the brain swelling will decrease and give me the comfort that I need. Dr. Randy Jensen just called us and told us basically all the same stuff. The pathology looks the same as he thought. He did remove all the tumors (yippie.) He is still leaning towards a benign tumor but the second pathology result is not yet in, so for a perfect result he will let us know later this week. He really just wants the second result.... so we wait but it all sounds good. Next week I get my staples removed, then I wait. I have more swelling in my face now then when I left the hospital? Super frustrating!

As far as the speech we think everything is good. I do occasionally have to really strain for a specific word and occasionally can not come up with the right word. But most people can not even notice. Plus I am HEAVILY drugged so that of course is not very clear in my head. I meet with Dr. Jensen in 3 weeks and we will further look into any speech therapy, but now it seems good. I am so grateful for this!!!

This has been an extremely hard week for me. It's funny because I pride myself on being tough, but I'm learning that tough is nothing. I have had to dig very deep and give every ounce of faith and prayer that I have. I am so grateful for the Lords help through this trial and could not imagine not being able to drop on my knees at any given moment. Bryson has been the most amazing rock ever. He has done everything for me and he is my world. This has really been the only time in my life where I have had to rely 100% on him. He has given me the greatest care, love, and help. He is the BEST!

Again thank you so much for all the love, notes, food, help, cleaning, yard work, rides.... I have been so blessed by this experience. You have all made such a special part in my heart and I am forever in debt. I am hoping that I will feel good enough in the next few days that I can have visitors. Thank you for giving me the recovery I have needed, just know I am so grateful for all of you!

An Update

This is Season, posting for Summer:

Summer is home from the hospital. She has been in a lot of pain. They are trying to manage her pain. We are all looking forward to getting the tumor analysis tonight. Hoping it is benign. They should get the results later tonight, however it could be as late as Friday. So please be patient. When Summer and her family find out, they will let everyone know.

Thanks for the love, prayers, and hope. And fancy fruit baskets. ;)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Pretty Good Night.

Hospitals have to be the hardest place to sleep in the entire world.  Alarms sounding all night long, nurses in and out constantly and beds that would be rejected at the homelless shelter.  That said, last night went pretty well.  We didn't sleep much but Summer is somehow felling much better. 

She passed on the morphin this morning and she has had her arterial line and cathiter removed. She walked to the bathroom on her own and the great news is  she will be moved from the Special care unit to the floor later today.  She says she is at a 5 on the pain scale now which is a far cry from the 9-10 of last night. 

Friday, October 7, 2011

Summer's all good.

Finally! Surgery is done! 

So this is pretty cool.  Summer was the first person at Huntsman to have a removal of a brain tumor while awake with use of the new portable MRI unit.   Because of the groundbreaking operation, it took a while to get it all set up (2 hrs).  That said, everything went very well during surgery. 

The night before the surgery, we gave Summer a blessing at the house.  I felt the spirit direct me to bless her with a surgery that would go well and that "All the Tumor would be removed". 

Initially I felt this was maybe just my desires so I skipped the word ALL but after skipping it I was immediatly prompted to add the word ALL so I listened.  I was at first concerned that I may be putting my will first but then had the impression that I needed to listen to the spirit and have faith that God would fulfill his promises. Afterwords, I told my dad about the impressions and he actually had a similar impression during the blessing.  Pretty cool. 

That said, I felt calm and at peace before the surgery and now I know why. The surgery went amazingly well and guess what.  All the tumor was removed and it all went very well.  The Dr. said Summer was even joking with the team during the operation.  Before the surgery really began the Dr. said I want you to make sure I don't hurt you so please let me know if it hurts.  Her reply:  "You can't hurt me."

The DR.  was optimistic that the tumor was benign once removed. They actually removed 2 tumors. One was the size of a pea and one the size of a grape. We are still waiting for the pathology report and should get that back on Wednesday next week. She will spend tonight in the ICU and then they expect to move her to the normal ward tomorrow.  She will be able to go home as soon as she feels ready according to the Dr.

She has been in a lot of pain today since the surgery but seems to be feeling much better tonight.  Thank goodness for Morphin and Percocet. 

Thank you for all of your prayers. They have been heard and answered.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

here is the schedule...

Thursday I go into Huntsman for a pre operation meeting at 2:30. I will then know exactly what time my surgery is at on Friday (we have heard early am but getting bumped is always a possibility!) Then I have a MRI at University Hospital at 4:00. Then we plan to just have a fun normal night as a family! Surgery begins Friday morning and is expected to last about 5 1/2 hours. When Dr. Jensen comes out to tell Bryson the results he will know if they have been able to remove all of the tumor. Bryson will update the blog and link it on Face Book with my name, so that will be the easiest and best way to get info. Also just realize he is now doing everything so he will update when he can and when he feels it is necessary. I am looking forward to Friday, I wish it were here. Moving forward and upward is all that is on my mind!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

My favorite family pics ever!

Seriously these pics fill my soul with joy and gratitude!
I am one lucky girl!

Yep I have the greatest most fun family in the world!