Thursday, September 16, 2010

I am officially back on the exercise loose 100% of the baby weight band wagon! I'm trilled and although I have worked hard and lost 80-ish% of what I gained it's been more difficult getting over the last hump. I am excited and ready to be in the best shape of my life, yep you heard it. For now I'm trying to get in 2 hours of exercise a day, so far so good... And on the boring eat superdy duperdy healthy diet so I can drop the last lingering lbs.

For the record I do this for me and no one else! Shocker I know, but there is just something about really putting time into myself and doing something for myself every day. I now dance and I love it! Averaging around 5 times a week and I feel like it helps my soul soar. I thought I hated dance after some brutal teen years of ought right miserable teachers and all sorts of body image issues, it tour me down. So I left my toe shoes and focused on soccer my #1 love. But I love to dance and I am thrilled I have rediscovered this. Life is about choices and right now I'm choosing to live life to the fullest, woo hoo.

And as promised I am going to post before/after bikini pics. But you'll have to wait till Feb 20 the big day when hopefully I turn 30 with a six pack... tbd

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


On Sunday we needed to return 2 redbox movies, I sarcastically said "Sky go grab the other movie and hop in the car and drive to Harmons." She said quite seriously "Mom do you realize what you just said?!"  Bryson chimed in "Ya grab the other movie and return them." Once she ran upstairs grabbed the keys and told Taylor what she was about to do Bryson wisely spied on them from the corner of our walkway just out of sight. Skyler couldn't figure out what lever to pull and Taylor said "SKYLER IT'S A LITTLE MORE COMPLICATED THEN BUMPER BOATS!" It gave us a great laugh now lets just hope she doesn't know which lever to pull for a long long long time!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

To blog or not to blog...

Recently I've had a lil battle going on. To blog or not to blog. I love writing down events and feelings and documenting our lives. But life is such a balancing act and I have moments where I could use a lot more balance!

So here is my lil mental list:

1 I love blogging. The good the bad the wonderful. It's my family journal.

2 We have really struggled getting "it all in" since the kids have gone back to school.

We have had sickness, to be specific diarrhea, which Myles can now say. I have never experienced anything like this before with any other kid. BRUTAL!

School was enough to kill Skyler, the shear terror and tears I left her in on the first day broke my heart! She was sure she had the strictest teacher in the school. Happy to report she has made it through and now thinks her teacher is less strict then her previous teacher! Which I told her all along. Sky just does not like change and she has no problem owning up to it.

Activities: I feel like my kids really do not do all that much. But between piano, soccer,  biking, family and church I'm sure myles will only be allowed to do 1 activity. Just kidding kind of! Plus bryson's cycling and my working out (this is my indulgence. and I think I'm posting my before and after bikini pics around the time I turn 30! I know you are so holding your breath right now!)

The whole point of this post is to express that we are living life our very best. And I am loving it, ok not all of it I could do without the 2 year old tantrums (this boy needs to learn to talk soon!) But I'm simply not blogging because I am trying to get it all in. And feeling super blessed to have the wonderful family and all the opportunities I have. So for now I'm still here even if there is not a daily post, DO NOT HOLD YOUR BREATH THERE MAY NEVER BE!