Sunday, February 27, 2011

Coranado Island and turning 30!

 We had a wonderful family trip to Coranado Island. A little quaint touristy town right off of downtown San Diego. This was a first time visit and it was beautiful, the beach was georgous. We stayed in a hotel the first night then had a beach house to check into but couldn't check into until the evening. So we did what any family does we EXPLORED. First to down town San Diego.

 Then Bryson decided to take us to mexico! Why no reason really. We were just so close. I voted no it was not worth it. The girls screamed in terror.
 As we entered Mexico we asked one another if we needed passports? We did not have them with us. Bryson was gitty and excited such a free spirit.
 Can't you feel all the excitement?

 Well we did not even get out of the car. We did however buy a bango and nacho libre wrestling masks. don't worry we did sit in a 2 hour line to enter the USA. And you can buy anything your heart desires while sitting in grid lock with your 3 kids without passports. We had a lil talking to at the entry but after 5 minutes they set us free!
 Next we headed to Coronado beach. This was Myles first time ever at the beach. He loved it so much. And it was so cold 60 degrees with rain here and there. He fell in and was shivering with blue lips and we still couldn't talk him into leaving. Finally I just picked him up and ran soaking wet Myles kicking and screaming the whole time. Oh he will be in heaven when we have a "beach day" on a warm day.
 Pretty sure they were the only 2 to get in past their waist! Oh california how we love and miss you!

 On our final day I took the kids to the zoo with some of my family.

 I told Myles he could feed a giraffe and that it would be the best day of his life. When we arrived at the giraffes we found that the feeding was only on the weekends. We were bummed. But Myles picked up the biggest chunk of bark he could find and stretched his hand to the sky. Offering the closest giraffe some food. It melted my heart! It's so funny because he understands everything but simply can't express every word.

 At this point we had been at the zoo maybe 15 minutes. My camera was full so I started deleting pics to clear some space. While backing up I noticed 1 step but missed the log. My sis Starr yells "It's one of us!!!" Next thing I know I'm flat on the ground with my sisters above me asking me if I'm ok. Apparently I missed the log rolled my ankle, fell hard onto pavement, shortly blacked out, and bruised/skinned my knees and elbow. Yep it's official I am 30, but man doesn't it sound like I'm 70! So I hobbled along for the rest of the day. It was awesome!
This was a birthday trip for me. The big 30! It's funny this birthday is seriously the one I put the most thought dread and desires into. Funny I remember in my 20's I set goals to hit by my 30's. When I achieved those goals I set more, and so on and so on. Never in my life had I placed such high expectations on myself. Well I'm here to say 30 is wonderful! I am so happy and so blessed and no number can change or affect that. I feel so blessed to have the life of my dreams. A husband who amazes me daily, and never stops. 3 kids who have brought all of heaven into my heart, home, and soul. And the gospel of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. I love my testimony. I love the scriptures. And I love that I can talk to my Heavenly Father, and that he knows me and answers me. This life is such an amazing journey and gift.

My goal for the next 10 years is to live every moment to the fullest and love life! As it is a most precious gift!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Fav recent quotes...

We were living it up in California last week and the conversation at the beach house went a little like this...

Me, "Skyler are you in your luxury life?" Sky "Uhm (lots of looking around) well it's perfect but there are just not enough sparkles for me!" Me, "What do you mean?" Sky, "Mom in my luxury life every inch has sparkles. In fact I'm going to invent the spark-a-nator. It is a portable device that is used to spray sparkles on every possible surface. What I need sparkles!!!"

On the same trip

Sharwan "If you could be anyone else would you?" Sky "No if I was some one else I couldn't be my crazy self! And Taylor couldn't be so sophisticated!"