Friday, January 28, 2011

warmth in st george felt like summer to us

we took a jaunt to st george last weekend turns out 60 degrees is heaven! we stayed w bryson's cousins fam and all the kids loved it. Sky spent 6-8 hours a day cruising in a go kart. T spent her days reading drawing go karting and just being herself. She also climbed the red cliffs like a mad woman and gave me a heart attack! Overall the vaca was so mellow and relaxing I LOVED IT!

On a funny note the girls were teaching Myles how to say GRASS. It went a lil something like this...

Myles say grass. G- R- ASS... G-R- ASS... G-R-ASS... they had no clue the were saying @**! SO funny for girls who will not same the name of a donkey even when it is in the scriptures during family study!

I have to say I am feeling so blessed right now! My health is great thanks to my new diet. My kids are my joy and happiness. And Bryson has an amazing job and sponsorship this year. We have so much to be thankful for!