Sunday, July 25, 2010

we've created a monster

On the 24th we went to the cottonwood heights skate park. Taylor took it cautiously and skated along the top of the park. Skyler couldn't wait to drop in to the bowl. Skyler loved every moment and was full of adrenaline the whole night. Yep we have created a monster, a cute lil skater girl monster! She was so proud to be the only little girl in the skate park!

Oh and we all rode the bull!
It was a blast, even I the old lady loved it!

Party #2

Skyler had a friend party Friday. It was fun having so many lil girls in the house. And for me even more fun having a girly party. Butterfly theme, I love a good theme.

butterfly face paint check

butterfly cake check
made by yours truly
of course i must make my kids cakes it's just what i do
this one was a lill difficult as our ac was out so i decorated at 11:00 pm in the basement
labor of love
i think it turned out cute and sweet

sisters check
really best friends

and lots of friends and fun!

Skyler's 7!

It's official Sky's 7!
And she has the twinkle toes to prove it, THANKS BONKA!

I know I should be sad as a mother but she has always seemes older to me then she really is. We had a family party for her on the 18th. It hit me that she is so lucky to be loved by so many!
Angel food cake with homemade chocolate fudge and whipped cream was the cake of choice for her 1st party ( I know I know but i hardly ever spoil my kids, so birthdays are spoiling time around here!)

Skyler really wanted a cake eating contest.
I'm pretty sure Bryson wanted on too!
So they ate like pigs and Myles cried like a baby (more liked screamed bloody murder). I have no idea what he thought, but I'm sure he thought it was torture.
There was no clear winner, just fyi Bryson started with a half of a cake! Yep you heard it!
On our way home I asked her if she had a good birthday.
She replied and i quote,
"Yes, but I was so focused on winning I did not even enjoy the cake."

Oh Skyler you are such a joy in my life. Always remember how special and talented you are. You are so much fun to be around. I love you so much!

Yeah we're camping (finally)

So we love to camp. When I say love I mean camping for 2 days max. But none the less we love it. The fresh air and beauty. Skyler begged to camp for her birthday. We did our best to make all her wildest dreams come true.

Bryson was super dad broken scapula and all. He seriously never ceases to amaze me. We had a full day. Biking, hiking, fishing, swimming... you get the point.
There were neighbor camping friends so the girls got to play a lil.
It was a great day super full, so full that we could not even get the girls up to roast marshmallows?
Tay got up but didn't even make it long enough to eat hers!

Myles looked like this constantly.
Dirt everywhere.
He was such a good boy, definitely the best 19 month old camper out there.

Mymy sat and threw rocks (at times boulders that were to heavy to lift so when he threw them they hit him in the head) for hours, he loved it.

We like to fish, all though we are yet to catch one!
Bryson instructed the girls and then Tay fished for hours on her own.
It was one of those crazy mom moments where you realize how old your lil girl actually is!
Skyler swam and fished for a bit.

Such a gorgeous spot. I feel so blessed to have such a fun family. We have the best time together. Skyler loved "birthday camping"! And I loved being with my family. Except for the hour when Myles drove me crazy!


So this past week and a half has been very troubling to my soul. I have felt so much grief and pain for one of my favorite families in the world. How in the world does such tragedy happen to such great people. My heart is broken, as I know theirs are. I can not imagine the loss and pain they must feel. I honestly still can not believe it!

In these moments I am grateful for my testimony. I know that the atonement is not only for forgiveness but for healing and comfort. I know that we can be together forever with our families and loved ones. I know that we are never alone and that the Savior is always there. He can walk or carry you depending upon how heavy the burden. I know prayer is a direct way to talk to our Heavenly father and I know he is on the other side listening. I love the gospel with every fiber of my being. It brings me endless happiness and joy.

Although this is the most tragic accident I could imagine it has put a real grasp on reality for me. Seriously nothing else in the whole world matters but family and your relationships with those you love. Who cares if you have an extra 5 lbs to loose and it somehow shows in every picture? Who cares how much money you have? It's all just little inconveniences and I think my thinking has been turned BIG PICTURE or if you will to an eternal perspective. I've focused on hugging my kids and husband, telling them I love them (way to much!), and trying to make every moment special and wonderful. I am so blessed to have a husband I truly adore and love being with. We were meant for one another and he is my best friend. And three amazing kids who keep me on my toes and make every moment full of joy and laughter.

So if nothing else, Love the ones you love. Life is such a gift!

Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm back and better then ever...

To be honest I've been busy. I'll blame it on girls camp, but there has been much more so here is a lil catch up.
Real game with my dad and Wanny Colby and Starr. we had a BLAST!

ya not the most natural smile ever!

Oh I love these 3!

Popsicles for breakfast? Yep we did it! That's the way we roll (and they are all fruit and yogurt, but do not tell them that I'm not the coolest mom in the world!)

K so don't be alarmed by this photo. It's just Bryson's hip...

He crashed hard in a mountain bike race at Deer Valley! It was a bummer he hit his hip on a fallen tree on the course which sent him flying where he ended up breaking his Scapula. We spent a lil time in the er and two great friends showed up! Gardie Jackson and Billy Demong, so kind and thoughtful.

See how big his hip is? think softball, YUCKY!
Bryson has done great and seriously dealt with it amazing!  A week later I left him with the kids and headed to girls camp, ya great timing. I came home to happy skateboarding kids and a clean house with all the laundry done! Yep it's true, I'm lucky! He's a tough lil bugger and is now even back on the bike trying to be killing it come tour of utah! GO BABE! You can do it!

Fourth of July (3rd technically it's UT peeps)

My family has gone to Oakridge country club for as long as I can remember! It's TRADITION, and everyone LOVES it!

Face painting BOO-YA!

KISS? Or child abuse you tell me!

On the Fourth Bryson was in his first ever parade!

In Park City

I told the kids there would be lots of candy (RIGHT?) Turns out I lied, it's against some law up there? OOPS

Now this seriously deserves a drum roll...

Yep REAL gold and silver medals from the Vancouver Olympics. Billy Demong invited us over to his house after the parade. The girls do not even know what an amazing experience this is. They got to hold them, we saw all his hard work remodeling his house (LOOKS AWESOME) then went to lunch.

I'm sure you have heard me talk about Billy but he is an amazing guy, amazing athlete, and a great friend. One of the nicest guys ever. Thanks Billy for sharing. Next Olympics I know it will be 3 golds!