Wednesday, October 28, 2009

way too big

As of Tuesday night @ 8:15 Myles is a walker! He took his very first steps to Tay (she is so thrilled.) he has been going from a squat to a stand for quite a while so we knew it was coming. He loved the attention and continued to practice as long as there was plenty of clapping and cheers. But yesterday didn't do much walking until... he had a large audience and he then took 15 steps! My baby is growing up.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

This is what we do for fun!

So this is the aftermath of the cycle cross race today. Yes this is Bryson's passion. Yes he is enormously talented and gifted at this sport. Yep he called this FUN!

Bryson right after the crash, to bad Joe didn't catch the real deal. But these are all his amazing pics. This is after Bryson bent his handlebar from backwards to correct position. He looked like the swamp creature bush in helmet and all.

Just another day in the life of my cyclist.

Friday, October 23, 2009

my guy

My lil guy has 6 teeth
he can stand
he laughs a lot
he brings endless joy to my life
he babbles
he claps
he waves
he quite sleeping through the night
he loves real big people food and is over that baby stuff
he loves his sisters
he is growing up way to fast

don't you just love this pic my friend Lindsay took it in 2 seconds for me she is amazingly talented

HIVES! A new visitor in our family

My friend had an awesome Bday party for her lil girl! One of those parties you would through if money was no object... Any who these are the cute ponies from the party! When I told the girls about pony riding they were so excited! The party was a hit {did you see the hair on the ponies? rainbow &pink} By the time we got home the infamous HIVES that bombard Sky's life had appeared. In case you don't know or remember I sent her to school on her first day of 1st grade with quarter sized hives all over her body. I did not even think about horses, smart mom I know. So for our family we will continue to have fish as pets. Dogs, cats and horses are out of the picture. I think this is a reward for good behavior on my part. I have always fought the thought of a dog. Because with my hubby thoughts turn into actions way to fast. Not because I don't like cute furry pets. But because I already have 3 lil things I'm responsible for (plus one big one) and we all know I would be the only one doing the doggy duty!

Silver Hawks!

So I'm way behind {feels like the story of my life!} We had an awesome fall soccer season this year. Silver hawks was the team name. Since we were blue I could never remember our name! I had Sky play up to be on Tay's team. I coached, every season I debate coaching. I hate watching coaches who know nothing but at the same time love my kids learning to respect a coach. This season was a struggle lugging Myles to practice and having some FUNNY CRAZY lil girls. I loved it and feel like I should do it again we'll see. Just for the record we went undefeated! (I had one unbelievably talented girl on my team. Seriously gifted.) Taylor improved leaps and bounds from last season. She gained confidence and is turning into quite the little player. Good thing I did not pull her out, ya never know. Skyler is a natural defender. She played great and no one could even tell she was playing up. In fact all the parents thought they were twins?

Ya I know no action shots. I had my hands full.