Thursday, April 14, 2011

Melissa and Matt's Wedding

Thanks Sky for making the picture perfect!

Melissa and Matt are now husband and wife! We are so excited for them!!! The girls have been calling Matt "Uncle Matt" since they were engaged.

 T and Sky were thrilled to be flower girls "who walked down the isle and everything". And Myles was the cutest ring bearer in  the whole wide world. Oh ya and Melissa was glowing with sheer joy and beauty.

 I made the cupcakes and cake! I loved the colors. And now think lemons and limes may be my favorite border ever!

 Look closely to see the tandem custom cake topper LOVE!

We danced our lil hearts out and enjoyed a wonderful night!

How lucky are we to welcome Matt and his two amazing daughters to the family!

They are right...
Everything is better with two!

Winner winner chicken dinner!

Hurricane Intermountain Cup 1st place

Bryson won by over 8 minutes! Holla!!!

Sorry no race pics, but not only am I team support but I have 3 kiddos to keep track of. Any who Bryson rocked it. It was great to see his hard work be rewarding and always fun to bring home the big W! Oh and we left 90 degree weather and returned to lots and lots of snow... Yep I'm sick of snow.

Skyler's puppet show

Sky's class had a puppet show. It was amazing and so much fun to hear her squirly voice over the microphone. Seriously my favorite school performance ever. Can't you just see the joy in her face. She was thrilled and so proud!

She played Narrator 1 & 2 and Miss Mic (microphone.)
She also closedt he program.

Skyler I love the excitement and sass you bring to our family. You are truly the sunshine to my day!

Children's Museum

Myles can spy an airplane for miles! He is OBSESSED, and I love it! Needless to say we visited the helicopter more then once.

9 going on 19!

Well my baby is now doing her own hair!
I remember when I marched into my mom and told her, "MOM I am now going to do my own hair!!!"

Tay has been sweet about it, but 9! I have to admit she is good at it!

Anne Frank 3rd grade

Is that Anne Frank? Oh few I thought I was seeing a ghost, it's only Taylor!

 Taylor had a wax museum/report on Anne Frank. She did a fantastic job. She even had  tons of facts memorized. She also took Anne's story very personally and was shocked at how the Jew's were treated. She loved having dark hair, and loved that so many people told her that she looks just like mom!

Tay I am so proud of the student you are. Your excitement for school is invigorating and your passion is inspiring, I feel blessed to have a child as genius as you. Keep up the hard work I promise it will pay off! LOVE YOU!

Bonelli Park in San Dimas, California

 On March 12 and 13th we made a last minute decision and pulled the kids out of school to go and support Bryson at Bonelli. I was so very excited to get to see his first national pro MTB race in years, plus we escaped the snowy weather. The kids and I just played for 3 days, don't get me wrong it is always work. But it's work at home or on vaca. The race was at an amazing park so the kids basically had a blast the whole time.

Bryson was 25th in cross country, pretty dang good for starting in dead last! And 14th in short track! We are so excited about what this year holds for him, he is amazing. We all love you so much! GO GO

St George and the first MTB race

We had a great time at the first MTB race of the year, unfortunately lady luck was not on bryson's side. A broken chain, a teenagers bike, a flat tire, and lots of running kinda sucked. But we had a blast supporting and cheering for him. Myles yells "go go daddy". And the girls are finally old enough to ride around and generally have fun!!! I seriously thought the day would never come. They rode their bikes for close to 5 hours! We heart St George!!!