Friday, November 6, 2009


Some days I feel happy grumpy sad grateful old crazy tired ....{way too young to feel like this!}. today I feel blessed. Blessed to have such a bounteous joy filled life. Blessed. Blessed to have a family of five. Four amazing people who bring endless laughter and love to my life. Today I'm truly trying to look at the big picture and realizing I've got to cherish these times because they are so gonna fly by and one day I will only have teenagers {who hopefully will still think I rock?} Life is such a gift and there is definitely no second rounds. So today I am gonna make it the best day ever. And hug the ones I love.

Monday, November 2, 2009


The girls did their first cycle cross race on Halloween! They were so excited. Sky has been off sugar for over a week now and the race was her TREAT. Taylor wasn't sure about doing it but decided to go along with it (she was nervous.) The race was on dirt trails at wheeler farm, tons of crazy dressed up adults and kids. A few laps into the race a group of 12 year old boys were racing hard for the win. One of the genius boys clipped Sky's handle bar and she fell HARD! I would have cried and I was just glad she got up and was unharmed. She cried and cried and cried some more then decided if dad would ride behind her she would finish. She cried the rest of the race but finished on her own (we were so proud.) She now can't wait to race again. Taylor the one who did not really want to do it kicked butt. She pushed so hard, crashed herself, thought about quiting and ended up barely pedaling across the finish line runny nose and all. When she finished she said, "Mom I was so mad at myself for crashing. I have never crashed before. Then I thought I couldn't finish. Then I decided I better try my best. And now I am so proud of myself. I really thought I couldn't make it. I better start training if I'm ever going to do Leadville!" Bryson also raced and broke his thumb within the first few laps and still finished in a good spot! Thank heavens our girls got his tough jeans.

Costumes and fear!

This year Halloween was a free for all.
Taylor is Taylor Swift
Skyler is a "Devil Princess" {at least that is what the tag on the dress said?}
Myles is a lion
Bryson stole my costume {please note the terror on Myles face we all felt that way}
I was a witch but all of the kids photos of me are way blurry