Monday, November 29, 2010

Annual cardiologist visit

We woke early to a snow filled valley and hustled our best to Primary Children's. Today Taylor received an Echocardiogram and a exercise test. The Echo took about 1 1/2 hours and I must say T was so patient and well behaved. Towards the end she was laying on her back with pillows shoved under her neck head bent back eyes staring at the wall behind her... needless to say UNCOMFORTABLE. The whole time the tech was pushing the machine into her lower neck not a word not a squirm not a complaint. The minute he left she burst into tears of neck pain and the inability to breath. this kinda cracked me up and I told her no one will ever know you are in pain unless you tell them. Sweet girl was giving her all to toughness. Her Echos have looked the same for the past few years. The left ventricle of her heart is enlarged due to overcompensating for her valve (which is what will someday be replaced.) This is not great but the funny thing is she always passes the exercise test easily. The Dr always says it's just super unusual for an echo to look that bad but the exercise results look good. So long story short we will e scheduling an MRI soon and it will tell a lot more about the potential time frame for surgery. But today was great and fun to be able to Spend nearly a whole day with Bryson, Taylor and Myself. We are so thankful for all the Lord has done to watch over our family and especially T's little heart. She truly is a sweet heart! Every time we visit Primary's I am reminded of many things the first surgery where we nearly lost her and the incredible purpose Taylor has here on earth. And that no matter what we are so blessed, there are so many who struggle with so much.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

A day of gratitude

Today I reflect on the infinite blessings I have in my life. I have the Family of my dreams. An incredible husband who is my best friend, a wonderful father, and always keeps me laughing. 3 children who fill my world with joy beyond belief. Today I am grateful for the blessings I have received from my Heavenly Father and most importantly thankful for the gospel in my life. Cause without it all my "gifts" would be nothing.

Now the goal is to live in Thanksgiving daily

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I realize I have not done a post on my lil guy in a while. He is all boy. The biggest current problem is that he hates it when his sisters leave for school or dad leaves for work. It's always a crying fit! Poor guy you would think he would be used to it by now. On Halloween we were at the school for the parade and he was set on riding the bus home funny he thought he could just board and be good! He is talking better and daily learns 3 or more words. My personal favorites include, Mama i love you. You're the best. Tata Kyky time for dinner (this one is only understood by us). He is a joy to have and has brought so much to our family. About 2 months ago i child proofed most of the house so he couldn't get into things he is not supposed to. Well the child proof door handles are now a cinch for him. He is becoming an expert at buckles and can even unbuckle his car seat! This kid is way more advanced in these areas then my girls ever were. He also is a frequent visitor to the time out corner as he is naughty often and enjoys a strong hit, scratch and an occasional bite sometimes (the biting is gettin better) He is my little buddy but he worships his dad and tries to be just like him. I can't believe in less then a month he will be 2!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

and there was lots of gross halloween food...

Halloween fun

Fun was had by all...
and as I'm sure you can tell I have NO CONTROL over my husband!

We had so many parties and events I could hardly keep up! I did both the girls class parties, they had fun and appreciated it! The girls returned home from trick or treating at 7:30! So me being the woman I am took them out till 9, needless to say they have a plethora of candy. Skyler's exact words and I quote "I don't feel comfortable having this much candy!" Bryson dressed himself to the delight of all his girls!!!! Myles was afraid of lots and held onto my skirt for security! The highlight was a crazy Perry family party which I'm sure will turn into tradition we had a blast (but missed Christa's fam).