Sunday, May 29, 2011

1 week till surg... hope it flys by I can not wait any longer!

Tomorrow officially is 7 days until Taylor's 2nd open heart surgery. I am, in a very strange way anxiously awaiting the day to come. I feel like it is such a huge weight on my mind. It has encompassed my every thought for the last week. Funny tears have been on the very edge of my heart, not out of fear but out of understanding. Taylor is so incredibly healthy that had Dr's not told us we would have never know that it's time for surgery. Her life has in no way been crippled or even restricted by her disease. She is normal, even more then normal she is incredible. And I realize how blessed we are to have so many normal kid experiences in her life. I know we have been blessed by Heavenly father, I know he knows us and is 100% aware of us.

 The first go round was BRUTAL! That's putting it lightly. So knowing what i now know I'm nervous. But that being said I am 100% confident that we are being watched over. I know that Taylor has a very important role on this earth, I learned it when I pleaded with God to let me know if T was going to stay with us or return to him after the first surgery. I know that we are in the best hands possible, and I am completely trusting in their ability and expertise. I look forward to the day we return home from Primary's and she gets to sleep in her own bed. And I look forward to her first bike race and soccer game back where she is faster then ever, she is all ready pretty darn fast.

I have to share my feelings about the endless love and support we have received. Today I had countless friends offer support, prayers, and help. Taylor was so excited to share a story of a friend asking for her to have a safe surgery in prayer. We feel so loved!!!

This week Taylor has an ultra sound to check the circulation in her legs. We will go to a pre surgery meeting and a tour of the hospital as a family. Then on Sunday Taylor will have a history and physical, blood work, and a chest x-ray. And finally Monday morning we go in for surgery. I know I have said it before but we'll take all the prayers we can get!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

T's open heart surgery is fast approaching and I'm quickly becoming a wreck

Today I started to feel the nesting feeling. Usually around the 4 week mark I feel the urge to get EVERYTHING done. I want a clean organized house, I want to feel like I'm in control of every little thing. Well right now I am nesting but it's for Taylor's surgery strange I know. June 6th is the official date, lucky for us we have all sorts of visits to primarys before then.

I wish it could all be over and we could be home as one happy family. But for now I'll worry and stress because I'm a mom, and that's what moms do. Bryson on the other hand prefers not to think about it? Helpful. Don't get me wrong I KNOW IT IS GOING TO GO SMOOTHLY. In fact I have true pure faith that this will be a wonderful life changing event in Taylor's life.

Oh this little girl amazes me daily. She is such a great girl. I am so proud of her and can not believe the knowledge she has in such a short amount of life. She is a walking dictionary, ask her she probably knows all sorts of  factoids about any given subject. But more importantly I am proud of the person she is, She always gives 100% in everything she does. She expects perfection from herself (she definitely doesn't get that from me! Don't worry I'm not afraid to admit the truth.) She loves the gospel and has a simple testimony. Many days I wake to find her studying the Book of Mormon before breakfast.

This is what her teacher emailed me last week: "I absolutely love having Taylor in my class! I think that she is such a special and unique girl who will do great things in her life. I love how she always has a good attitude and outlook on life. I can honestly say that she has made me a better person by getting to know her and work with her this school year. I have never had a student who has had as much confidence as to who she is and what she stands for. She is truly an example to all who know her and I can tell that her parents have played a big part in that. :)" What an amazing complement from a great teacher!

So for now I will believe in every good possibility. I will pray and fast.

You are all welcome to join me. We would so appreciate it!