Thursday, July 7, 2011

A good deed does not go unnoticed (especially when it involves cutting off 12 inches of hair!)

Sweet Taylor noticed some of the girls her age did not have hair while she was at Primary Children's Hospital this summer. Especially when she played in the Forever Young Zone there was a girl about her age who wore a hat to cover her head. Ever since she learned of  Locks of  Love she has been obsessed with cutting her hair to donate. She has been begging and nagging me every possible second. 

Taylor's exact words for donating her hair are "This summer I went to the hospital for surgery I saw some girls my age who had cancer and did not have hair. I wanted to help. I hope my hair helps other girls feel better!"

 So we cut off 12 full inches!!!! I'm sure it will be back in 2 years, wish my hair grew that fast!
I'm so proud of her for being such a great sensitive kid! She is such an example to me, how blessed am I to have her as my daughter!!!

 So then Skyler decided she wanted to look exactly like Taylor? Funny she LOVES being mistaken for twins! So she cut her hair and hopes it will help a little girl but mostly wans to be just like Taylor :)

 Bye bye 10 inches!

 I love their new hair, they look so cute. To bad no more pony tails!

2nd place and so close

We spent father's day in evanston wyoming. It was so nice to feel like we finally had a life back. Taylor came and loved being out of the house and having normal days! Sweet girl she has hated having restrictions :) Bryson raced great he ended up in the lead group in the road race but his chain fell off the bike when he sprinted for the finish (Yes this was before the huge crash, and I wish we had know how to fix it but he thought it was just the chain?) so he got same time but lost 3 seconds due to time bonus. He then won the time trial and beat so super strong/talented/professional racers! We were super stoked. He then raced great in the criterium but ended up 2nd overall. We were proud, I know he wanted first especially with it being so close! Poor guy just coming into great form and then he cashes in a stupid nothing local crit :(

what pain looks like.... or just another day in the life of a cyclist!

as you may know bryson had a scary cycling crash a few weeks ago if you want more details read my first post ! I promised him I would post pictures so here ya go :)

He is finally starting to use his hand and adjust  while sleeping. I sure love this guy and simply feel so grateful that he is ok!