Saturday, August 8, 2009


All though im so tired and would love to be a sleep im up (go figure!)

Today's events
Skyler has trampoline rash all over her face, just in time for {THE WEDDING}
Myles fell down the stairs (1st time)
Sky cried because Myles fell down while she was "watching him"
Myles slammed his head on the coffee table
We had a fab dinner at Bonsai (Myles was weary of the noise and fire)
I had a rough night hence blogging at 12:47 AM

Good thing the sun always comes up in the morning, i need a little sunshine right now.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Why do i try

i scrool through hundreds of pics and this is the majority. i do want to blog real life and not some fanasty so i was wondering why do i try?

what is the point in asking the kids to smile when the goofy silly pics always turn out better. ya thats us silly and not that put together. you be the judge and maybe from here on out ill just post crazy pics instead of taking the time to find good ones.

Ya were racin

(well im riding) and bryson is desperately trying to get ready for leadville in 2 weeks. the girls love it. i love being in the mtns and supporting my bf. He is amazing and all though he may not win this year I doubt there is anyone in the world who could perform on such little racin/ridin! Maybe next year he can crash lance out for the win at the finish.

Myles is 8 months old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mymy is 8 months old (pretty sure he thought his name was buddy so im trying to call him myles more.) time is flying. i know you have heard it but i love this kid. he is cool calm and happy an amazing gift of a baby. his smile is contagious and strangers love him. ya i could do with out the touching or even worse tickle his mouth to make him giggle(swine flu), I saw the oprah where only 1 in 4 people wash their hands after using the restroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he holds his baba
he crawls always
he pulls my carpet up at the edges (lovely) maybe he just knows i want new carpet?
he gets my humor
he will hang out at a bike race in his stroller all day happily
he flops like a fish in the bath (front back front back CRAZY)
he fills our home with love and im not sure how we managed without him
he loves going out especially outside my kind of guy
he bables dada, baba and makes man noise all day long (groan, gargle, scream)

Horse power

the girlies have had this motto for 3+ years now. There have been no trips to the hospital thus far. So we took off the training wheels and they are hooked.


little adrenaline junkies.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Krazy Cake Lady

K lots of fun yummy recipes at I am so excited to share some of my favorite food (not just cake but including) Go check it out. Some easy yummy crock pot dishes too! And feel free to add a link, Ill love ya forever.


Yesterday I went to church after a crazy Saturday and a Sinus Infection that is winning the war over antibiotics. 9 am yep! I even had the YW pres tell me to go home(which is like a FREE PASS right?) I decided to tough it out and joined Sunday school w Bryson. As I was sitting there next to my amazing hubby and Myles sleeping in his car seat, I heard the primary kiddos singing FAMILIES CAN BE TOGETHER FOREVER. My heart was touched and I started reflecting all the infinite blessings the Lord has given me. An amazing moment. I feel so blessed to have my wonderful family. A best friend who's a great dad (to our kids) and husband to ride this ride with. And the GOSPEL as a driving force in my life.

Silly girls part deux

So as this is my journal I want to remember the 2 crazy girls that I have.So if u don't care don't read.

Preface {We went out for Thai food after a crazy busy Saturday.} As the meal was finished we were eating the Andes mints and sky said, "Livin in the lap of luxury."

Preface {the girls have a 50 moto, which has been a LG concern of mine forever they have not been able to handle it one bit. Yes there have been a few running into cars and fence incidents. So Bryson recommended we take off the training wheels!!!!!!!!!!! Turns out he was right (k first time ever) they could control it great minus the baby training wheels. long story short they are now pros and if u can believe it} Sky was chasin T and T said "You can't catch me, I HAVE HORSE POWER!"

love em