Saturday, October 16, 2010

Floods SUCK

I wish I could say I'm sorry for saying the S-word. But quite frankly this dumb toilet flooding all night in the girls bathroom has ruined much more then my Saturday. Carpet oh man it is GROSS, and let's not even talk about the water that traveled 3 floors down and warped a door in the basement. I'm currently thinking about renting... ya I think the short term solution is renting that would solve all this!

We are going on a witch hunt...

We visited Gardner village as a quick schools out what are we gonna do day! Turns out the rest of Utah was there also. We had fun company and the girls hoped there weren't real witches, then fought over whether or not "real witches" exist. Like any smart mom I stayed out of it!

be nice I didn't have time to do my hair!