Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Once in a while Bryson gets into a crazy organizational flurry. I quite enjoy this as there is so much of his stuff that I know I can't even touch let alone organize. He's been doing custom socks for a while with work. Well here is the aftermath that has been hiding in my basement. Ya I laughed hard, wondered why I haven't had socks for a while, then ran and took a pic!

Anybody anybody anybody want socks? Seriously come on over!


December 19th Taylor was baptized. She was full of light and joy. And quite mature about the choice she was making. For weeks she kept saying, "It's my choice!" The room was filled with family and others who love Taylor. It was amazing to watch her, I feel like she is now an older more mature Tay with the same old goofy smile (gotta love those 8 yr old teeth). I hope I never forget this wonderful day.

Taylor I'm so proud of the person you are and the person you are becoming. In our ward they ask the newest member of our ward to sit on the stand in sacrament. Tay looked horrified as she stood next to Bishop Correy. But when she sat down my heart was so full I burst into tears. I simply felt the spirit so strongly. Watching her shuffle to find the hymns and sing was a mothers proudest moment.

the big 8

Tay turned 8 December 17th. December for me and my family is sheer craziness. Thus on her birthday she had a piano party and bryson had his work party. Yep we are THE BEST parents. But grandma LeeAnn took her to the Mandarin with her "birthday buddy" (uncle kyle).

There is something about the age 8 that simply seems so stinkin old! It must be the turning point because now I don't look at her as my lil girl, but my big girl!

Don't worry we celebrated on the 19th after her baptism. She got her ears pierced! Not a tear not a single one. In the chair before her was a 14-16 boy (weird) his mom was so excited? And while Tay's were getting pierced a teenage girl walked by and added "I remember my first piercing." Ya thanks a lot for that? We also let Sky get hers pierced she was beaming with delight!

I am so proud of the person you are. You are such a good girl!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

9 year anniversary!

Really I know my words are not enough, but it's worth a shot. 9 years ago today I married one amazing man. The morning of our wedding it was snowing so hard a true blizzard. It took 30 minutes to drive 2 miles. We actually had one person get in an accident on their way to the Bountiful temple. Amazingly enough the storm cleared and the sun came out. It was the most beautiful day I can remember. All the trees drenched in snow while the sun glistened on the glitter filled branches. I feel like that is a perfect example of marriage. Once in a while a storm comes it shakes and blows but in the end the sun always comes out. And at that moment you can not even imagine how it was before because now everything is so beautiful and so perfect you can not remember how it was before. I knew I was marring someone who I deeply loved, and in return had showed me more love then I could have ever hoped for. I was excited to be sealed to him FOREVER. No nerves jitters or second thoughts. But what I didn't know was that was just the beginning of one crazy roller coaster. Now looking back our love was nearly a fraction of what we now have. He brings endless happiness to my life. I did not know I could love him this much. I thought he would be the best father in the world and luckily I was right he is. I watch him in amazement when he plays with the kids. He is such a gifted dad. I feel so blessed to be married to my best friend. I love talking and spending time with him. I am grateful for the challenges and trials that we have been through together, because without them our marriage would not be as strong.

I love you Bryson so much and can not wait to see what the next 9 years bring to our life. I feel so blessed to have you as my best friend and husband. Thank you for all the love you have given me.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A little ELF

This year a new tradition was started at our home. A little elf showed up in a box from the North Pole. Santa himself sent our family a letter. He reminded us of the true meaning of Christmas. And to never forget the first gift, the birth of the Savior. This elf (Bernard as we have named him) reports to the North Pole every night and informs Santa not only of how we have behaved through out the day, but if we have helped, loved or served anyone that day. In the morning he is in a new hiding place in the house. The kids wake up so excited to find him every morning. Hopefully Bernard will visit our house every holiday season and help us remember Christmas is not about the gifts you receive but about the "gifts you give".

Sunday, December 6, 2009

One year has flown by!


Tay just started lessons in September. She LOVES piano. To the point that I have to get her off the piano often. She would play all day if she could. She has a great ear and can figure out any song just by sitting and playing. In her first ever recital she played the Ice cream cone and Old MacDonald. I can't wait to see what the next recital brings.

Past times

If you look real hard you might be able to see a lil 7 yr old girl in the tippie top of our tree. She loves to climb walls trees you name it.

Wanna see child abuse?

I'm not sure why but we always make our pure sweet babies stand by some horrific creature around the Holidays. This time it was the GRINCH (ya after this he wouldn't even go near Santa.)

After talking to "Santa" Skyler said, "First of all I could so tell he was a FAKE. Also he knew all the kids in the wards names but he did not know ours (we were at grandparents ward.) That was not the real Santa!"


Ya I know, I didn't post on Myles first B-day (Dec. 1st)! So behind. I kind of feel like I have fallen off a cliff. Myles turned one on Tuesday. It was a joy filled day. We went to lunch with Daddy. I made 2 kinds of cupcakes lemon angel food with fresh raspberry cream (I figured since he loves having whipped cream sprayed right into his mouth he would love it!) and for me devils food ganache. I'll post recipes in a bit (HOPEFULLY.) He actually opened and played with his presents (my first one year old to ever really get it.) We had lots of family over, this lil boy is so loved! I once had a very wise Olympic gold medalist tell me, "It's amazing how much love a child can bring into your life. Then you think the second child could not possibly bring more love because there just is not any more room. But then they bring even more love into your family." (Peter Vidmar) Well Myles is the cherry on the top. He has filled our home and my heart with pure JOY. I truly feel he is my gift, he has come to teach me.

Myles of Smiles happy first birthday. I'm sure glad Heavenly Father sent you to our family. I LOVE YOU!