Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A day of dreams

Yesterday was a joy filled day. Bryson set up a fabulous ski day for our lil family. Of course Myles stayed home we so missed him but found comfort in an amazing mil helping out (thanks grandma.) We had the ultimate hook-up, underground parking, steps to the hill, and fancy smancy passes. We started on green runs (not the bunny hill) the girls did great. Here and there crash boom bang. Once in a while a ski fell off, and tears there were a few (proud to say they were not mine.) Anyway somehow the girls talked us into a blue run, they REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to. Thus we went to one steep and quite difficult blue run (still not sure what we were thinking?) The falls started, only out of fear. This puppy was steep. Bryson had Sky and helped her to do big HUGE turns across the mountain. This gave her enough confidence to just go and finish out the hill herself (a proud parent moment.) Taylor however was scared poopless. She cried, skied, cried, skied, cried, cried, cried, skied and finally made it to the bottom. At that point we should have sent her to the lodge. But we decided to do one last "FUN" run with all the bumps. 1/2 way down the run a familiar voice yelled "Taylor, Skyler, Bryson" (I guess I'm just so skinny that she couldn't see me?) Turns out Bonka (my mom) had been skiing all day at DV. Ya should have communicated, but so happy and lucky we ran into her on the last run. She got to see how much the girls had improved.

As we finished the day I was so proud of the girls. They were tough and my legs killed after pushing the plow ALL DAY! Remember I've been working out 2 hours a day, I'm sure they were toasted. They are so much fun to hang with and I just can not quite believe how grown up they are. Bryson was great, and I'm so blessed to have a wonderful husband who is amazing at having fun with the kids. And grateful he took the day off to be with us.

I know I know a lil long for me but keep reading...

As we headed off for a dinner my dad called and invited us to a family/friend dinner at RUTH'S CHRIS STEAK HOUSE, did you hear that RUTH'S CHRIS. Oh how that sounded magical but I only had yoga pants and the girls were in PJ's. I desperately tried to explain to Bryson that we were not adequately dressed, He said "It's Park City." I said "You've never ever been anywhere this nice and we will not be arriving in yoga pants and pj's." I rarely put my foot down. He suggested running to the outlets to get a few things. We ran and got jeans for the 3 of us (ya jeans but we only had casual tops so jeans it was.) Next time I'll be smokin hot in a little black dress with red HIGH heels. Ya I've planned it out in my head.

Ok let's get to the heavenly part, Ruth's Chris. Have you ever had their steak? Their motto, "Life's to short to eat any where else." As we walked in to be seated a couple was taking pictures of their steak, ya it's that good. I'm not that big of a steak gal but a good one is HEAVEN ON EARTH. Fillet Mignon, cooked at 1800 degrees. Served on a 500 degree plate, bubbling with lots of butter and herbs (need I say more.) It does not get any better. Pretty sure Bryson will be going back. Oh ya there was chocolate but as far as I'm concerned IT'S ALL ABOUT THE STEAK.

We also had most of my family (minus seas, missed you) and some great friends. Oh man that is what dreams are made of.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Krazy cake lady has been baking!

Taylor's first book signing

T's first book signing, I'm sure it won't be the last. As I'm sure you know my dad (Kevin Hall) wrote an amazing book (ASPIRE). He had a book signing at our local Barnes and Noble. Being the man he is he had Taylor stand right next to him and sign 20 books in the chapter where she is featured. She was THRILLED, NERVOUS, and So Proud. She stood with her back straight, it looked as if she had grown inches as the self-esteem saturated her being. She had a perma-smile, none the less a some permanent teeth 8 year old smile from head to toe. When she got home she wrote in her journal so she would never forget! She's hooked and has been writing "books" and reading them to her class ever since. Thanks dad.

my guy

To bad he can't clean up his own messes. He now has an obsession with the broom.


This is how Sky looks when she dresses herself. Sky-izzle!