Wednesday, December 15, 2010

10 years! You bet ya!

How blessed I am to be celebrating 10 years of marriage with my very best friend! Bryson I love you so much. You are every bit the man I thought you were ten years ago and somehow you are even more amazing now. You are truly the greatest father in the world. I love watching you with our kids; the fun, the giggles, the love. They all look up to you in every way. It is amazing the things we have been through together, and the fact that we have 3 kids HOLY MOLY! You have fulfilled my dreams. I am grateful for how hard you work for our family and am so blessed to be able to stay home with our kids, thank you so much.  I love you for everything you are and the amazing husband you are. You are wonderful to me and I so appreciate it. I am so excited to watch you live out your cycling dreams this year. I'll be by your side supporting you always. I am so proud of the amazing accomplishments you have achieved this year, you are inspirational!

Here is a list of things we are going to cross off in the next 10 years together:
Hawaii (alone)
Tour de France
I'll do a bike race, I promise.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Myles 2nd birthday!

We had a blast with this little man. He is now an expert candle blower outter. He waits until the end of the Happy Birthday song then promptly blows out both candles. I guess he has learned from watching his sisters he did not need any prompting! He loved all the attention, the Elmo theme he picked (he actually guessed all his presents to be Elmo he was sorta right!), and opening presents. I love that he can not look at the present until  every scrap of paper is off. Oh and how tidily he hands off the paper, funny for such an aggressive lil man. I sure love this 2 year old I think all of us are sad he is growing up!

 Taylor did her first back walk over!
 Can you feel her accomplishment? She was beaming all night!
 Birthday party number 2 at Grandma Perry's.

Who needs toys? The box served us hours of fun.
Funny he was able to open presents 2 days in a row. So on the third day he went under the tree and opened one of mom's gifts. Poor boy he was so confused as to why he was in trouble.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

my baby is 2! holy crap

Myles turns 2 today, it seems like only yesterday that I was so excited to go into labor to finally have my boy here. He has brought endless joy happiness and wildness to our family. He is a great kids who loves to have the whole family around. He cries every single morning when the girls leave for school, then cries again when Bryson leaves. Sweet boy thinks he is old enough to ride the school bus. He is talking some and is learning new words daily. But his speciality is athletics, climbing, dancing and he is an expert and buckling and unbuckling. Oh and he loves treats and loves to cook with mom. When ever I'm in the kitchen he climbs up and always wants to stir, even if there is no stirring involved.Did I mention he is OBSESSED with Elmo. We love having him around! Happy birthday I hope you stay as sweet as you are forever...

Thought it would be fun to see Myles at all stages of life.