Thursday, December 15, 2011

Here is to a fantastic 11 years!

Today is our official anniversary but thanks to Bryson having a great job and the fact that we still need cold hard cash, he is on business at the corporate headquarters in Minnesota. We had a great celebration on Monday at Christopher's Steak House in SLC. It was delicious and luxurious. Most importantly we talked about our wild year, the endless blessings we have received, and truly enjoyed every moment together!

It does not get much better then this! Ahhhh :)

Here is my lil face book post: Today is our 11th anniversary! I am so grateful to be married to my very best friend Bryson Perry! This year has been a true gift and I know now more then ever I could not make it without him. Thanks babe for being my nurse and taking on the load at home. You are the greatest husband and daddy in the world. Here is to forever and ever! Tonight I will snuggle with your hoodie and I'll be dreaming of you :)

Here is Bryson's post: My official 11th anniversary is Thursday the 15th but due to the fact that I am heading out of town later this week, I am celebrating it today. This year was shaping up to be one of the scariest in my life with Taylor having her second heart surgery. Summer was so amazing through it all and was a rock for our family even when I was a whimpering, broken, heap, wincing on the recliner, just adding to the mess. We made it through it all with her being the hot nurse every household needs, taking care of everything! I couldn't have imagined a more amazing, supportive, loving, wife and mother in all the world. It quickly became the scariest year by a long shot when on September 12th she was diagnosed with her brain tumor. I was up all night worrying about her and it continued for months as I imagined what would I do without her. Summer is doing amazing and is recovering quickly and I am so grateful that we were so blessed to have had the outcome we did. Summer, you are an amazing mother to our wonderful children, you are my best friend in the world and you are still as hot as can be. I love you and am so grateful you chose me. I am yours forever!

To me I have always thought that I was grateful for the gifts, but it is amazing at how much of a blessing every single moment is! The moment the drs discovered my brain tumor I knew life would never ever be the same. I knew I had a new out look on life and that I would deeply savor every single moment, gift and blessing. I always knew that I was supposed to find Bryson and that we were MFEO (made for each other!) But I had no idea how much closer we could grow. I know that we have sailed through hard times and that no matter the challenge we will make it through together. thank you for being my rock and best friend. You are my world!