Thursday, November 11, 2010


I realize I have not done a post on my lil guy in a while. He is all boy. The biggest current problem is that he hates it when his sisters leave for school or dad leaves for work. It's always a crying fit! Poor guy you would think he would be used to it by now. On Halloween we were at the school for the parade and he was set on riding the bus home funny he thought he could just board and be good! He is talking better and daily learns 3 or more words. My personal favorites include, Mama i love you. You're the best. Tata Kyky time for dinner (this one is only understood by us). He is a joy to have and has brought so much to our family. About 2 months ago i child proofed most of the house so he couldn't get into things he is not supposed to. Well the child proof door handles are now a cinch for him. He is becoming an expert at buckles and can even unbuckle his car seat! This kid is way more advanced in these areas then my girls ever were. He also is a frequent visitor to the time out corner as he is naughty often and enjoys a strong hit, scratch and an occasional bite sometimes (the biting is gettin better) He is my little buddy but he worships his dad and tries to be just like him. I can't believe in less then a month he will be 2!

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