Saturday, June 9, 2012

State Champion Road Race Winner

Bryson raced in honor of our friend Matt Bradley. Last night Bryson was training on his bike and passed Matt's house. He teared up a little about the loss of Matt this Spring. Matt had his leg removed due to cancer and was a FAST cyclist after.

This morning we woke up early 5 am for the Utah State Championship Road Race. Bryson said we didn't need to come. But I was not going to miss it. First off he wanted to win, thus he needed my support. Second when Bryson puts his mind to something (with proper preparation) then it happens often. Bryson blew apart the race with 3 other FAST guys. Seriously the elite field was in shambles on the first lap. And some killer guys hung with me in the feed zone as we talked about who was going to win. Bryson took it in the sprint with enough time to salute Matt. I'm so stinkin proud!!!

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